When the Smoke Clears

So I have set a date (in my mind) when I wish to start doing my breastfeeding support group. July 2014. I’m in a facebook group that talks about breastfeeding and other things that would be seen as an alternative lifestyle for raising children (its weird to think of breastfeeding as an alternative lifestyle but here we are). One of the members noted that the Le Leche League meeting that is held on Thursday mornings will no longer be able to hold meetings. I do believe that LLL leader was a woman of color. The big thing about trying to influence women of color to breastfeed is seeing someone else that looks like them and have the same background as they do is to be a presence. What is also important is to be a resource. So that is more motivation to go ahead and get the ball rolling.

I have to let the smoke clear from a personal life right first. There is SO much going and it is hard to focus on the things I do everyday; like going to work.  But soon these things will settle themselves and I can start to focus how I can get into these grassroots. First things first, I need to develop a curriculum. Then I need to find a place, then recruit people to come. Sounds easy enough, right? We shall see. The pressure is on…especially since I have set a date.