How a fan becomes a friend: Part 2

I was nervous as hell to tweet after I found out Phonte followed me on Twitter.

I didn’t want to say anything stupid to fuck that up.

But quickly those feelings dissipated and we corresponded on Twitter more. We talked about tv shows, music, family, relationships, women who wore wedges (LOL), amongst other random conversations. Other band members would follow me on Twitter. Nicolay. Then Zo. Then they would follow me on other social media sites (Instagram and FB) and I would chat with them. That was enough to satisfy my little ego.


In 2014 +FE is back  in my hometown for another concert. We were running late that night. I tried to make up time by speeding. Then I got a damn speeding ticket. We ended up getting to the show  ten minutes before it was supposed to start and it was PACKED. There was only room by the left side of the stage and we were blocking the steps. I wanted to move but my husband refused.

Hubbs: If the ask us to move, we will. But as for right now, let’s sit tight.

Me: Okay.

The show started late, thank goodness. We went to get drinks to calm our nerves and prepared for the show. The steps after the introduction was made but we didn’t have to lose our spot. 

Upfront, stage left. 

The show starts and despite things starting off rough, I was relaxed and ready to have a good time. 

About 5 songs into the set, the band goes into “The Moment” from their album Love in Flying Colors. I notice that Phonte pulls out his phone and starts looking left of the stage. I can’t tell exactly where he is looking because he has on sunglasses. I start to notice him walking left of the stage. No big deal, right?

He walks past the other 2 singers (Tamisha Waden and Carmen Rodgers) who are VERY left of the stage.

Okay, this is a big deal.

“Where is he going?”

Phonte gets close enough to me, reaches down, and grabs me for a selfie from the stage. Then proceeds to go right back to singing as if nothing happened.



He would later send that picture to me via Twitter.

(I was prepared this time for the photo than the last. I was proud enough to put it on the ‘gram)

As the show ends, he walks off the stage gives me a big hug. Then proceeds to dap and hug my husband.

Man, LOOK.

I needed time to gather myself after that. So I sat down on the stage to catch a breather.  I went to buy a t-shirt form the merchandise table and I gave Nicolay a hug as I was leaving. I went home with a full spirit floating on the way home.

My favorite artist knows who I am *check*

Talks to me via social media *check*

And acknowledges me at concerts *check*

That’s enough excitement to satisfy my little ego for a lifetime.





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