How a fan becomes a friend: Part 1

I joined twitter in 2009 to follow one of my favorite artists, Phonte Coleman. At the time he was in a rap group called Little Brother and is now in group called the Foreign Exchange. He also hosted a podcast called Gordon Gartrell Radio. It was a great way for me to find out when new podcast would drop, when there was a new single coming out, or just hear news about both groups in general. Who knew that this would evolve into a something bigger than I could ever imagine.

Every now and again I would tweet Phonte on Twitter with a question here (“When does the podcast drop?”) or a comment there, (“I really enjoyed the podcast today.”) Every now and again he would respond and that would satisfy my meager ego.


In 2011, The Foreign Exchange came to perform in my hometown. This was their first time here and I was excited as hell to get the chance to see them. The show started on time and I was amazed at how this 20-dollar show was worth much more. Phonte is a real showman. He is going to give a rap, R&B, comedy, and a sermon all in 2 hours. My soul was full because I got to see them perform. I was more than satisfied with that. As my husband and I went to close out our tab at the bar, we noticed Nicolay (the other half of the Foreign Exchange) walking around taking pics with fans. Then I noticed Zo (Lorenzo Ferguson), the musical director and keyboard player for the touring band in the far right of the venue doing the same. So my husband and I decided that I should go speak to Zo while he was closing out the tab. We would talk to Nicolay on the way out, then head home.

As I made my way to Zo, I saw into Chris Boerner, the guitar player for +FE touring band. We exchanged pleasantries and went our separate ways. Suddenly I see Phonte in front of me talking to another couple. I immediately froze. This is much different than corresponding with him via computer screen or a twitter app. This was my favorite artist in the flesh less than 10 feet in front of me. My husband then walks up and wonders why I look like I’ve seen a ghost. I quickly explained to him that Phonte is front of me. We both freak out silently and our eyes looking like 9 inch plates. Mr. Coleman then wraps up his conversation with the couple and he standing there alone. It was as if NO ONE else noticed him but us. This is my chance to introduce myself but my legs are stuck.  I want to say hello but I have a lump in my throat and I can’t speak. Luckily, my husband decides to be brave. He introduces himself, says how much he enjoys his music, and introduces me.  Phonte gives me a hug and it felt like he had known me for years. My husband asked to take a picture. Phonte happily obliges. My husband then goes to find someone to take the photo.

Then Phonte looks at me and then ask…

”Yo, don’t I follow you on Twitter?”



Yo. How in the HELL did he remember that without me prompting him?!

Girl comes back to take the picture.

*camera flashes*

It’s seriously one of the worst pictures I’ve taken.

(Tay and my husband look great).

But it doesn’t matter because one of my favorite artist ever remembered who #EYE was and I floated on the way home.

Can’t get any better, right?!




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