The Soundtrack to my life for 2014.

I’ve always wanted to do one of these. I love music that much that I would dedicate a blog post to my favorite songs of the year. I know it’s some weird geek thing to do because there are so many other blog, magazine, social media posts dedicated to them. But I’m doing one anyway. So here are my favorite jams that provided the soundtrack to my life this year.

This tracked dropped early in the year. When I saw that Phonte was on it, (which is one of my favorite artists lever), I tried to break my neck to listen to it.  It’s produced by Khrysis and it is apart of the Jamla’s is the Squad compilation. Talib Kweli and Elzhi  hold their own on this track as well. The song felt good especially in the cold winter months. It reminded of warm spring days with the top down.

I’m not even sure how I found Phil Beaudreau or this track. Probably perusing around on twitter like I find out about other music. I saw someone post it and boom, it’s been in constant rotation in 2014. I’ve added to my list of songs I listen to when I’m doing my homework. Its relaxing but not so relaxing that it bores me to sleep. The rest of “Ether” is great, too. Preview it on Soundcloud and/or Spotify and then buy it on iTunes.

Now technically I heard Heart of the Moment last fall on the Full Moon EP  but they put it on their self titled album this year. So I’m throwing this on this blog post. I’m not sure why but most of their music reminds me of autumn. Maybe because I first heard their EP Lightyears Fall of 2012 and I have crowned it the music to listen to when October hits. Whatever my reasons, the track makes me want to dance a quick to step.

When my husband told me about Cyhi Da Prynce, Black Hystori Project I wasn’t really excited about listening to it. I have been so far removed from hip-hop but one day we were cleaning up and it was playing in the backgroud and I dug it….ALOT. So it was really hard for me to pick one song from this mixtape because so many stuck out. 3 16 uses the same sample from De La Soul’s Stakes is High, there is also Mandela, Basquiat, and so many great ones. I chose this one, though. Guitar Melody is perfect strip club music. I just discovered that this song had a video and I am kinda jealous that I’m not one of the girls in the video. (Not really…..)

Alex.Isley. She is so damn dope. If she sounds familiar it’s because a) Her dad is Ernie Isley of the famous Isley brothers and b) She did background for Robin Thicke’s not so successful album Paula. (No shade to her whatsoever, those background vocals or fire). I was introduced to her through one of my followers on twitter in 2012.  You can check out some of her other music here. Anywho, back to talking about the song. This is a blend of two songs I Still Love You by 702 and Run to the Sun by NERD. She blends these so well, I forget that they are 2 separate tracks and more importantly I forget that these are not her songs. It is so smooth and has been in constant rotation on my Soundcloud.

Me liking a Future Song. The world is truly turned on his it’s side. This junt GOES. Maybe because it’s a Mike Will production. Maybe because Pharrell actually raps his ASS off on it. Maybe because when I hear it, all couth is loss. I don’t know but this is definitely a 2014 favorite for not just me but many.

G I R L is one of my favorite albums this year because it just puts me in the best mood. It was SO HARD to pick a track. It was between this track and Gust of Wind. So I flipped a coin and this won. No seriously, that’s what I did. Plus how can you deny that, “GOOD MOOOOORRRRRNNNINNNGG, YOU GOT ME FEELIN BRAND NEW.” This song reminds me so much of a Jackson 5 jam. Justin is of course Mike Jackson because he can carry the higher notes and Pharrell giving us his best Jermaine Jackson.

Raleigh Ritchie BKA Grey Worm AKA the Unsullied. If you are Game of Thrones fan, you will get those references. He sings and he is pretty good, too. Not sure how I stumbled onto this one either but it is on constant replay. This is on the mixtape he did with the Internet entitled Black and Blue Point Two, which is also fish grease.

Usher is back with jam. Even grandmothers and young children are singing Good Kisser and they have no idea what they singing about it. LOL. I do like the original but I ran across this version on Soundcloud and I haven’t been able to play the original since.

Erro and KING. God answers prayers. “The Box” was previewed on Pandora a few weeks before it was released and I couldn’t get through the album because I couldn’t stop playing this song. So many other people felt the same way I did and we couldn’t wait for the album to drop. So some of my twitter buddies passed it around it our DMs so we could just download it to our iPod devices. As a result, i bought the album on pre-order in which I RARELY do. Listen to this and tell me that you don’t feel like running through a field of daisies.

“TWO FIFTEENS. FIFTEENS….”Krit came back in a big way. He came out earlier this year Mt. Olympus and got our attention and ended the year with his album Cadillactica. This is the standout track for me because this one is an ass-shaker. One more thing: BASS. This shit knocks in the car. It passed that test with FLYING colors.

I was at a Zo! and Carmen Rogers concert, and the MC mentioned Jarrod Lawson. So the next day I checked him out via Spotify. He looks NOTHING like he sounds but his self titled album is AWESOME. So many gems on there but this is my favorite. A great track to start your day.

I was listening to the Where’s My 40 Acres podcast and they created a playlist on Spotify of some of their favorite joints this year. I was listening to the playlist trying to get through my work day and this came on and I couldn’t stop playing it. It’s so sexy. You hit an instant body roll when you hear it.

Now you know I couldn’t complete this list without putting a Migos track on here. Now I’m not going to lie, I thought Migos was one person and secondly, Hannah Montana sounded like……retarded to me. Sorry. Not sorry. But Fight Night is fresh and catchy.

Hiatus Kaiyote was nominated for Grammy for Nakamarra feat Q-tip (which is also a jam) and I have been a fan ever since. I heard the sampler they put up on Soundcloud and this song instantly caught my attention. This joint is jamming. I haven’t gotten out of my psyche since. I wake up singing it. I walk around the house singing it. I cook to it. I ride to it. I dance to it. Needless to say, I can’t wait until the full album drops next year.


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