Black Podcasts on #Ferguson and Police Brutality

I created this post to put a collection of podcast that have covered and are currently covering the information on Michael Brown, Ferguson, and police brutality in general. I thought it was important to share this information and get different perspectives of what is “real people” are saying about Ferguson and not what you see or hear on large news media outlets. Please listen and support these outlets by sharing this post, listening to their podcast, and supporting their movement.

*some of these contain graphic language*

The Black Guy Who Tips: Rod and Karen have several episodes available discussing Michael Brown and Ferguson. Episodes: 765, 766. 767, and 768 all have different viewpoints about what has occurred in Ferguson have the past several days. You can find them on iTunes, Stitcher, and PodOmatic or you can refer listen from their website:

Classick Team-Up: In this podcast, Classick speaks with wonderful mother and cook Nona, aka twitter personality @SheSeauxSaditty, about #OperationHelporHush, the humanitarian effort she used on social media to bring aid to the protesters on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri.

Classick Team-Up: SPECIAL EDITION: #Ferguson, How Can I Help? w/@SheSeauxSaditty

CBC Radio: Listen to an excerpt from our panel discussion on the two different worlds that exist in Ferguson, Missouri. Or click the Listen button above for the full conversation. The STL rapper Vandalyzm is in this interview.

CBC Radio: Ferguson

The EveningJones: Bomani Jones has two episodes in which he gives his opinion on  Michael Brown and Ferguson.

The Evening Jones

Good and Terrible Podcast: Beauty Jackson and Ceej discuss police brutality that has happened all over the U.S. and the happenings in Ferguson, MO. They have 2 special guest: @SayDatAgain from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast and  @Classickmateria, who is executive producer of Cold Slither Podcast Network.

The Good and Terrible Show Ep 11-Police Brutality (with guests @SayDatAgain & @classickmateria).

NWAP: Four Young Black men discuss the tragic events around the shooting of Mike Brown This episode features an interview with @Nettaaaaaaaa ,a protester on the ground in the Ferguson community.

NWAP: Episode 12: The Siege of Ferguson

The Read: Crissles and Kid Fury discuss hip-hop and pop culture, read listener letters, and then go into a very passionate “the read” about Mike Brown, the Ferguson police, and the attitudes black people with police.

The Read: The Upheavel

Straight Outta Lo Cash: This podcast is based out of St. Louis and discuss what is happening ground zero in Ferguson. They have special guest Alderman of the 27th Ward, Clem Smith 87th District State Representative, James Mcgowan of Beyond Housing, hip hop artists Vandalyzm and IamHandsomeRob, and Rhashad Whittier who have all been influential from the ground of many of the protests.

Straight Outta Lo Cash: We Are All #MikeBrown We Are All #Ferguson

TWIB: Elon James is in Ferguson, MO and has several podcast dedicated to what the protestors are doing in the area.

*Please listen to the audio of Elon James, Awkward Duck, and Netta (2 protestors in Ferguson) who are being tear gassed in a neighborhood in Ferguson. This is acutal live footage*:

Podcasts:TWIB: Ferguson

WudUpDoe: The WudUpDoe podcast has 2 episodes that discuss the Reneisha McBride, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown. They also talk about the deeper racial implications behind these deaths, dealings with the police, and the loss of young black lives.

WudUpDoe Podcast Episode 14

WudUpDoe Podcast Episode 15

What’s the Tea: Nic and Reg discuss POTUS’ comments on Mike Brown and what some of the standpoints of what some celebrities are (or not saying) about what is going in Ferguson.

WTT 064 – #Ferguson

Where’s My 40 Acres: A hip-hop podcast that discusses music but they also discuss social issues. In these two episodes they talk about Mike Brown, police brutality, media coverage, and even POTUS.

Where’s My 40 Acres: Hands Up, We Are Ferguson

Where’s My 40 Acres: No Good, Obama

2 Guys and a Girl: XD, Jade, J. Williams discuss Mike Brown, their personal experience with the police, and how POTUS is dealing with the Micheal Brown situation.

2 Guys and A Girl: Say It Loud!

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5 thoughts on “Black Podcasts on #Ferguson and Police Brutality

  1. Excellent round-up of podcasts. I’ve heard a few of these and look forward to catching up on the rest. Your blog is doing a great service of informing others about what’s going on and what part we could all play.

  2. Reblogged this on Wild Women Wisdom and commented:
    Thank you for doing this!

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