The Truth

Let me be the first to say MERRY NEW YEAR!!! I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been taking a break from everything. School was out, Work was limited, and I have been catching up on my favorite past time…..”clustering netflix shows.” My latest victim has been American Horror Story. Then I saw that House of Cards had director commentary to it, so I’ve been catching a little bit of that. Then I found that Clean House was available so I spent a day watching that. Then  I spent sometime spending time with family and friends. (Yes, in that order. I spent more time on Netflix than with family. LOL).

I’ve I had to time to think and plan and think some more about what I wanted to accomplish within the next year both personally and professionally. I created my vision board on Pinterest. Created a separate vision board of what I want my company to look like in the near future. When I thought about something I wanted to accomplish,  I immediately added to my vision board. (The Pinterest app on your phone or tablet device is awesome for absent-minded people like myself). One of the things I have added to my board is to start mediating before I start my day. I at least take 5 minutes out of my day to reflect and set goals for what I want to accomplish throughout the day and this year in general. One of my goals in general is to just to “stand in my truth.” What does this means exactly? This is really more of a goal for myself than the others around me. See, I’m usually that friend that people go to when they want someone to be “completely honest.” I have no qualms about telling you about YOUR truth. But with myself….not so much. Not lately anyway. So everyday I ask myself, to “stand and walk in truth.”

I even have this quote pinned by Brian Tracy on my vision board:


And let me tell you something….the universe has called me EVERYDAY to the carpet about living with honesty. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY in this young year. Even though I don’t want to the little voice inside my head won’t let me do it otherwise. And you know what? I’ve survived. It’s been hard. There are days I want to cry about it but I have to keep reminding myself this is what I need to grow to be a better mother, wife, friend, and any other person I wish to be.




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