The Pressure

Nothing like finally having a vision of what you want to accomplish and then ‘real life’ happens. So then you have to revamp and then you have to put your “dreams” on hold until further notice. Or nix them altogether. That’s the thing about being married with child(ren), you are in constant thought of how striving for your dreams will affect them. Achieving this dream might cause me to work for free for a period of time. It also might cause me to be less of presence in their lives and that haunts me. What if I achieve everything I wish to professionally and in the end I’m alone without the family we (me and my husband) created? At one point do you stop pursuing your dreams because they have become a hindrance to the ones you love the most? And if I give up, will I hold a grudge against them?

But there is some solace in knowing that there is a chance that they will be there in the end. My son will understand and respect the dedication in setting goals and accomplishing them. My husband will be proud that achieved my goals and standing with me til the end.

There is the statement “You can have it all.” But what’s the cost of having it ‘all?’  So I always say, you can have it all….but not at the same time. You won’t be able give 100% to everyone and everything. I didn’t want to be Debbie Downer in this post but its a reality that us dreamers with families need to realize. Achieving dreams come with great sacrifice.


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