Leaders of the New School

There is this opportunity in my city to attend a program called “Embark.” Embark is program that helps equip promising young professionals with the training to set a course for their career and the opportunity to network with others ready to make a difference in the community. There will be classes every other Tuesday or Thursday for 3 months. It will be an awesome opportunity to network and expand  my leadership skills. But one big thing…..I’m already going to school online. I pretty much devote most of my week to homework at least 3 to 4 days a week. Plus I work 40 hours a week, I’m a mother, and a wife. I don’t want stretch myself too thin. I have been practicing this mantra that if you can’t commit 100% then don’t commit at all.  So I’m rocking with that.

I do need to find other ways to expand my leadership skills and find ways to network. I really need to get comfortable with networking. I need to find ways to feel comfortable just being myself when networking and not feeling as if I have to “tap dance” for you to stay mentally engaged with via conversation. Its so stressful….and awkward.

Anyway, I’m adding expanding leadership skills and “networking comfortably” to my vision board. I don’t necessarily have to do this with a program. This is something I need to work on anyway.


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