I applied for another job last week and needless to say I’m not a least bit thrilled about it. Why did I do it? May be out of habit. That’s all I have been doing for the past year is aplying for jobs, might as well do it, right? Except, I’m tired of spinning my wheels. If I’m going to be miserable, I might as well be familiar and miserable. At least with this job I know what I’m getting. No sense of applying for a job where I’m going to be unfamiliar and wasting more time. It’s funny what a year can do. Last year I would be sitting on pins and needles to see what would the results of applying for this job would lead to…Now I can care less.

I had this discussion with my friend/colleague. Since I know what I want to do and the direction I need to go into, I don’t want anything or anyone to deter me from that goal. Why waste time at another job if it doesn’t fit into my overall agenda? Am I unfulfilled at my current job, yes. But at least it gives me opportunity to perfect my craft. I’m still able to provide breastfeeding education to my participants. And you know what? They are learning. They can feel my passion when I speak about it. So when I look at these other positions I ask, will help me get my end result? Most of the time the answer is no. No other job descriptions have tickled my fancy. I just apply because we can use the extra money…..but I’ve been at job where I was compensated well. And I hated it. It wasn’t worth my sanity. Money doesn’t even motivate me anymore. I rather get paid well doing something I honestly LOVE to do. I saw this link posted via twitter and minus the music rhetoric, Charlie Hunter basically broke it down.

Is that possible? My God I certainly hope so. So I’m putting that out in the universe: I WANT TO GET PAID WELL TEACHING MATERNAL HEALTH TOPICS/BREASTFEEDING EDUCATION.


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